For Immediate Release

Des Moines Iowa:

On March 13, 2020 Libertarian, ToyA Johnson submitted nomination papers to run for Iowa Senate District 16. She will be facing a democrat incumbent.

Johnson is a lifelong Iowan who graduated from Des Moines’ Roosevelt High School in 1993. The married mother, consultant and Family law reform advocate says she is running because she wants to see
“ Iowa return to prizing the liberties and maintaining the rights of the people, she continues saying “finding ways to maximize the exercise of Liberty and freedom and minimizing the governments infringement of those people who peacefully exercise their rights.”

Johnson co- authored several pieces of legislation for the 2020 legislative session that were sponsored on behalf of Families United Action Network which can be found at

Johnson previously ran for Iowa House District 32 in 2018 and Des Moines City Council Ward 4 in 2019. Johnson says in 2020 “Iowa needs TOYA”

Tax Solutions,
Youth Initiatives,

Her name is the acronym for the core of her campaign. Overall, Johnson says “If you can agree with me at least 75% we already have a great starting point.” She went on to say that “It’s time to bring collaboration and commonsense solutions to effectively and efficiently manage the peoples’ resources.”

For more information on her campaign go to and