Des Moines, IA
ToyA S. Johnson, Libertarian candidate for Iowa Senate District 16, is asking for your help! She recently rolled out her “Wipe it down, Wipe it out!” Initiative. Johnson is calling on the community for help. “I am collecting money and supplies to create safety kits, the kits include mask, wipes, sanitizer, soap, and gloves as well as other items that may be donated.”
Johnson said she believes the imitative not only promotes community and social responsibility. ‘It gives the community a way to connect and bring home the fact that we are all in this together. Some of the supplies can be handmade, which will open the door for hands on educational experience, as well as provide fun activities for people who are stuck in the house.” Johnson also said,
“I think it will make a great impact, increase morale and give people something to do while staying home, in addition to reducing transmission of Covid-19. Johnson said she hopes the initiative promotes community responsibility, connectivity and provides an opportunity to interact with people in her district.
“I will also be reaching out to local businesses, such as bars, barbershops and salons to host small groups of people no more than 10, to put together kits from supplies that are donated and purchased to distribute to people at food pantries, food pickup sites, nursing homes and community programs that serve the vulnerable. Our target is to reach those who vulnerable for exposure to Coronavirus. We want encourage people who are using public facilities to wipe down common areas of use, like park and school playground equipment, bus stops and seats and for families to wipe down handrails and mailboxes that our mail carriers use daily. We hope people will keep the kit with them and use them. I believe this small, yet powerful action will make a difference in our community.” Johnson said.
She went on to say “I would love to see our businesses involved, as a way to let communities know they care about the people in them. It could also be a great opportunity for their employees to satisfy community service projects and give them something to do. They could have contest to see which departments could produce the most kits or raise the most money.”
Johnson said the initiative is part of the Outreach component in her campaign. Her slogan is Iowa Needs TOYA! In which her name is an acronym for Tax solutions, Outreach, Youth Initiatives, Advocacy. All of which Johnson says are needed when approaching the challenges that Iowans face.
For more information on the fundraiser you can visit, or contact 515-943-6981.